Ten Japanese Restaurants in NYC Awarded Michelin Stars

Japanese cuisine
Soba dumpling in broth

UPDATE: Click here to see the Japanese restaurants that were awarded stars in Michelin Guide New York City 2013. Please click here to see the Japanese restaurants that were rewarded stars in the Michelin Guide New York City 2014.


Michelin released its MICHELIN Guide New York City 2012 in October, and of the 62 area restaurants awarded stars, ten of them are Japanese establishments. While the majority of the Japanese restaurants specialize in sushi, a handful offer kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course cuisine), and one serves authentic yakitori.

Inclusion in the MICHELIN Guide rewards the excellence of a restaurant. Congratulations to these recipients:


Three stars – The highest rating in the MICHELIN Guide, a mark of three stars means the restaurant serves “exceptional cuisine.”

  • Masa – 10 Columbus Circle


Two stars – “Excellent cuisine”

  • Kajitsu – 414 E. 9th Street (between 1st Avenue and Avenue A)
    Shojin Ryori (Zen Buddhist vegetarian cuisine)
  • Soto – 357 6th Avenue (near Washington Place)


One Star – “A very good restaurant in its category”

  • Brushstroke – 30 Hudson Street (near Duane Street)
    First Michelin star (Opened in April 2011)
  • Jewel Bako – 239 E. 5th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
  • Kyo Ya – 94 E. 7th Street (between 1st Avenue and Avenue A)
    Sushi (kaiseki as well)
  • Rosanjin – 141 Duane Street (between West Broadway and Church Street)
    Kyoto-style kaiseki
    (First Michelin star)
  • Sushi Azabu – 428 Greenwich Street (between Laight and Vestry Streets)
    “Traditional edo-mae style sushi”
  • Sushi of Gari – 402 E. 78th Street (between 1st and York Avenues)
  • Tori Shin – 1193 First Avenue (between 64th and 65th Streets)
    (First Michelin star)

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