The 2nd Annual Japan Society/JC•NYC JAPAN CUTS Trivia Contest!

By now everyone knows that Japan Society’s JAPAN CUTS: The New York Festival of Contemporary Japanese Cinema begins this Thursday, and JapanCulture•NYC thinks you should see as many as possible. So, we’re pleased to announce that JapanCulture•NYC is teaming up with Japan Society for the 2nd Annual Japan Society/JC•NYC JAPAN CUTS Trivia Contest!

This is your chance to win tickets! All you have to do is answer a couple of trivia questions.



  • Each screening will have two lucky winners who will receive one pair of tickets.
  • Stay tuned to JapanCulture•NYC for trivia questions about each of the selected films.
  • Email the answers to
  • Of the contestants with the correct answers, two will be drawn randomly to receive a pair of tickets.


Let’s not wait another minute! To win a pair of tickets to the screening of A Story of Yonosuke this Saturday, July 13, answer these questions correctly:

1. Of the 25 stellar films in the JAPAN CUTS 2013 lineup, two are based on novels by Japanese writer Shuichi Yoshida. One is our featured film A Story of Yonosuke. What is the other?

2. What film based on a novel by Shuichi Yoshida was screened at Japan Society in March 2012?

If you know the answers, send an email to right away! The deadline for this screening is Thursday, July 11 at midnight. The drawing for the two lucky winners for the screening of A Story of Yonosuke will be held at the JC•NYC World Headquarters on Friday morning at 8:00 a.m.

We’ll be back early next week for two more trivia questions and a chance to see the film The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky. Good luck!


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A Story of Yonosuke © 2012 "A Story of Yonosuke" Film Partners