The Final Japan Block Fair of 2012 and Round 3 of NY Street Ramen Contest

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Japan Block Fair

Sunday, October 14 from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Broadway between 93rd and 94th Streets

What better way to enjoy a crisp autumn day than to spend it at Japan Block Fair?

Japan Block Fair aims to introduce New Yorkers to the variety found within Japanese culture by hosting street fairs at various times throughout the year. The final Japan street fair of 2012 takes place on Sunday, October 14.

As always, there will be Japanese street food, prepared by some of the best vendors in NYC.

Food Vendors

  • Ariyoshi – Grilled squid is the Japan Block Fair specialty from this popular restaurant.
  • Ajinomoto – Japanese frozen food giant will serve gyoza (fried dumplings) and karaage (fried chicken).
  • Hakata Tonton – West Village eatery specializing in Kyushu soul food recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and will serve grilled pork belly.
  • Long Island Japanese High School Group – This group will provide grilled chicken.
  • Mimi & Coco’s Teriyaki Balls – The concept of takoyaki (ball-shaped dough filled with grilled octopus) with a Western twist. Instead of octopus, Mimi & Coco use shrimp, potato, and country sausage to please New Yorkers’ palates. The dynamic duo has been serving their signature teriyaki balls at Mad. Sq. Eats, too.
  • Oko-ta – Brooklyn artist Rumi Tsuda will serve okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese pancake.
  • Peco Peco – A restaurant guide for Japanese people in New York, Peco Peco will also serve okonomiyaki.
  • Seven Bites Foods – A Brooklyn-based catering company that focuses on the healthy aspects of Japanese cuisine, Seven Bites Foods offers a signature snack they call “Boo Bites Croquettes.”
  • Shining Women Associates – A non-profit that will make coffee and chicken sandwiches
  • Suzuki Farms – Try the veggie smoothies from this Delaware farm that grows Japanese vegetables.
  • Table for Two – A charity whose goal is to eradicate hunger in third world countries while combating obesity in developed ones, Table for Two has a presence in NYC through partnerships with Columbia University and BentOn, a bento catering company that owns Café Zaiya. In keeping with their healthy theme, TFT will serve vinegar drinks.
  • Uminoie – This izakaya located in the East Village will serve yakisoba.


Merchandise Vendors/Special Activities

  • Herricks & Company – The parent group to the Long Island Japanese High School Group will have Japanese accessories for sale.
  • Long Island Japanese High School Group – They’re grilling chicken AND bringing cool Japanese games.
  • Magnote – Check out their unique and fun goods from Japan and around the world.
  • Yuichi Iida – Organic soap from the Brown Rice Family, which sells products on Etsy.
  • Wuhao NYC – On sale are tenugui, a versatile cotton cloth that can be used for practically anything.


Round 3 of the NY Street Ramen Contest

What everyone is waiting for – the third and final preliminary round of the NY Street Ramen Contest! Tapping into the popularity of ramen in the city, Japan Block Fair is giving amateur and professional ramen chefs the opportunity to develop their own signature style of New York Ramen.

Tabata Noodle, the winner of Round 2, and Hakkoan, Round 2’s runner-up, will both return to compete in Round 3. Tabata will offer its Dark Men, and Hakkoan’s macrobiotic chef Natsuko Yamawaki will create another style of ramen using fermented ingredients. Also returning is Asahikawa Ramen, a shoyu (soy sauce) ramen that represents the traditional style found in Hokkaido in northern Japan. It’s a very simple recipe with a light taste.  Jin, a new ramen restaurant in Harlem, will make spicy miso ramen. The entry for Yume Wo Katare, a restaurant in Boston, will contain char siu and vegetables. Nobu-chan Ramen will supervise the preparation of a special soy milk ramen where the natural sweetness of soymilk is mixed with herb infused soup and colorful vegetables. RAMEN Lab, with master ramen chef Shigetoshi Nakamura, will make a tomato-based ramen topped with basil and cheese to honor the Italian influence in New York. Don’t all of these different kinds of ramen sound delicious?

Japan Block Fair, NY Street Ramen Contest, ramen, NYC, Japanese culture, Japanese community in NYC, RAMEN Lab, Shigetoshi Nakamura
Master ramen chef Shigetoshi Nakamura

Pesu, the artist who designed the Love Save Japan logo that adorns bags and T-shirts sold at J. Crew, will do live painting of colorful ramen throughout the day.

Once again, Amnet travel agency is sponsoring the voting booth and giving away prizes. Purchase tickets to NY Street Ramen Contest, taste the ramen, vote at the Amnet booth, and enter for your chance to win a domestic airline ticket. You could also be one of 150 people to win an original NY Ramen Contest or one of 2,000 people to win an original NY Ramen Contest badge! But you can win if you don’t vote, and you can’t vote if you don’t taste! The ticket booth opens at 11:30 a.m., and tickets are $4 each. Help choose the style of ramen that’s just for New York!

JapanCulture•NYC is a proud media sponsor of Japan Block Fair. Join us – rain or shine – on Sunday, October 14 for a full day of Japanese food and culture!

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