The First Annual Japanese Restaurant Cherry Blossom Week 2021 Is in Full Bloom

It’s been one year since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in New York City, and we are still in the midst of the pandemic. Many Japanese restaurants have suffered due to restrictions and the difficult winter weather. After cold weather and a spike in COVID-19 cases, indoor dining was banned again in December of 2020, leaving restaurants with only outdoor seating options.

Now that indoor dining has been re-opened in time for spring, the New York Japanese Restaurant Association (NYJRA) established its First Annual Japanese Restaurant Cherry Blossom Week 2021. Taking place from March 8 to March 21, the initiative features 92 participating restaurants offering special menu items that focus on a sakura theme.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (emergency support project for the development of overseas sales channels for Japanese agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and foods) is subsidizing this event, and the Japan Food Restaurant Overseas Promotion Organization (JRO) is sponsoring as a collaborative project with the NYJRA.

Organizers and participants hope that Japanese Restaurant Cherry Blossom Week 2021 will provide an opportunity for these struggling restaurants to open their doors to the people of New York City to enjoy Japanese ingredients and cuisine.

Visit NYJRA’s website for details about each restaurant’s special for the First Annual Japanese Restaurant Sakura Week 2021. Contact the restaurants to see if they have indoor and outdoor dining, take reservations, or are take out/delivery only.

Ootoya Chelsea’s Sakura Set

Participating Restaurants


Aburiya Kinnosuke – 213 E. 45th Street

BAR GOTO – 245 Eldridge St. Ground Floor

Basta Pasta – 37 West 17th Street
and Bar B – 84 7th Avenue

Benemon – 10 E. 4th Street

BentOn – 156 East 45th Street

Blue Ribbon Columbus – 308 W. 58th Street

Blue Ribbon Izakaya – 87 Orchard Street

Blue Ribbon Sushi – 119 Sullivan Street

Blue Ribbon Sushi Brookfield – 225 Liberty Street

Cagen – 414 E. 9th Street

Cha-An BONBON – 238A E. 9th Street

Curry-Ya – 218 E. 10th Street

Decibel – 240 E. 9th Street

DokoDemo – 89 E. 4th Street

Donburiya – 253 W. 55th Street

Douska (formerly Douzo) – 63 Delancey Street

Dr. Clark – 104 Bayard Street

Gari Columbus – 370 Columbus Avenue

Go! Go! Curry! Chelsea – 144 W. 19th Street

Go! Go! Curry! Harlem – 567 W. 125th Street

Go! Go! Curry! Midtown East – 235 E. 53rd Street

Go! Go! Curry! Times Square – 273 W. 38th Street

Go! Go! Curry! Washington Square Park – 231 Thompson Street

Go! Go! Curry! World Trade Center – 12 John Street

Gorin Ramen – 351 E. 14th Street

Hasaki – 210 E. 9th Street

Hi-Collar – 231 E. 9th Street

Hide Chan Ramen Midtown East – 248 E. 52nd Street, 2nd Floor

Hirohisa – 73 Thompson Street

INASE – 1586 1st Avenue

J-Spec – 239 E. 5th Street

Katana Kitten – 531 Hudson Street

MakiMaki Sushi – 1369 6th Avenue

MakiMaki Sushi – 360 Lexington Avenue

Marezzata – 231 E. 50th Street

Marumi Restaurant – 546 LaGuardia Place

Minca – 536 E. 5th Street

Momokawa – 1466 1st Avenue

Ootoya Chelsea – 8 W. 18th Street

Ootoya Greenwich Village – 41 E. 11th Street

Ootoya Times Square – 141 W. 41st Street

Rai Rai Ken – 218 E. 10th Street

Rai Rai Ken Uptown – 1467 Amsterdam Avenue

Ramen Misoya – 129 2nd Avenue

RAMEN-YA – 181 W. 4th Street

Restaurant Nippon – 155 E. 52nd Street

Sakagura – 211 E. 43rd Street

Sake Bar Hagi 46 – 358 W. 46th Street

Sake Bar Shigure – 277 Church Street

Samurice – 261 Canal Street

Shabu Tatsu – 216 E. 10th Street

Soba Noodle Azuma – 251 W. 55th Street

Sobaya – 229 E. 9th Street

Sushi Ann – 38 E. 51st Street

Sushi Ikumi – 135 Sullivan Street

Sushi of Gari 46 – 347 W. 46th Street

Sushi of Gari TriBeCa – 130 West Broadway

Sushi of Gari Upper East Side – 402 E. 78th Street

Sushi Ryusei – 216 E. 39th Street

Sushi Tsushima – 210 E. 44th Street

Takahachi Bakery – 25 Murray Street

Takahachi Tribeca – 145 Duane Street

Tempura Matsui – 222 E. 39th Street

THE IZAKAYA NYC on 6th – 326 E. 6th Street

THE IZAKAYA NYC on 4th – 215 E. 4th Street

Tomi Jazz – 239 E. 53rd Street

Totto Ramen Hell’s Kitchen – 464 W. 51st Street

Totto Ramen Midtown East – 248 E. 52nd Street

Tsurutontan Midtown – 64 W. 48th Street

Tsurutontan Union Square – 21 E. 16th Street

Udon Izakaya West 46 – 150 E. 46th Street

WOKUNI – 327 Lexington Avenue

Yakiniku Futago – 37 W. 17th Street

Yakiniku Tohbay – 235 W. 55th Street, 2nd Floor

Yakiniku West – 218 E. 9th Street

Yakitori Torishin – 362 W. 53rd Street

Yakitori Totto – 251 W. 55th Street, 2nd Floor


750 Myrtle Diner – 750 Myrtle Avenue

Andante – 255 Berry Street

BAR GOTO NIBAN – 474 Bergen Street

Bozu – 296 Grand Street

Japan Village – 934 3rd Avenue

Karazishi Botan – 255 Smith Street

Momo Sushi Shack – 43 Bogart Street

Samurai Mama – 205 Grand Street

Samurai Papa – 594 Lafayette Avenue

Sunrise Mart Brooklyn – 934 3rd Avenue

Wasan Brooklyn – 440 Bergen Street


Ariyoshi Japanese Restaurant – 41-13 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside

BentOn Factory – 3739 Crescent Street, Long Island City


FUJINOYA – 26 South Central Avenue

Kishuya – 163 South Central Avenue


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About the NYJRA

The purpose of the New York Japanese Restaurant Association is to heighten the status of and develop markets for Japanese food in America. NYJRA seeks to revitalize the prevalence of Japanese food and culture through organizational activities such as collaborating with Japanese restaurants to facilitate catering to offices; supporting education for restaurants on topics like the history of Japanese food, human resources tips, and culinary techniques; and assisting Japanese restaurants to address the major challenges they face today.