The Gohan Society + Kampai Shinnenkai



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The Gohan Society + Kampai Shinnenkai 

Monday, January 18 at 6:30 p.m.

Azasu – 49 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002

Admission: $40 [includes buffet, two drink tickets (for beer, basic cup sake, or soft drinks), and unlimited shochu]

Celebrate the New Year at The Gohan Society and Kampai.US for a Shinnenkai (“New Year Gathering”) at Azasu, a Lower East Side izakaya that specializes in Japanese comfort food such as chanko nabe, yakisoba, kushiage, chicken karaage, and pork gyoza. Shochu expert Stephen Lyman of Kampai.US, a website devoted to introducing Japanese izakaya dining and shochu to Westerners, will describe shochu and how it pairs with the food that will be served. Unlimited shochu is made possible by a donation from Wismettac.

The Gohan Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a better understanding of Japan’s rich culinary heritage, is partnerning with Kampai.US in association with the Japanese Sake and Shochu Makers Association to introduce shochu through seasonal food pairing dinners and other shochu-related events throughout New York City.


  • Cold Dishes
    Homemade Asazuke Pickles
    Hamachi Tataki
  • Hot Dishes
    Pork Gyoza Dumplings
    Chicken Karaage
    Kushiage Assortment
  • “Main Dishes”
    Chanko Nabe
    Yakisoba Noodles
  • Beverages
    2 drinks per guest from the following:
    – Japanese beer (Sapporo, Asahi, Kirin)
    – Selection of basic cup sakes
    – Soft drinks
    Unlimited shochu tasting and shochu cocktails

For reservations of four or more, please book online through OpenTable at Azasu’s website. For reservations of fewer than four, please call Azasu directly at 212.777.7069.

Disclosure: This writer is employed by The Gohan Society and receives compensation to promote The Gohan Society’s initiatives.