The Haiku Guys and Gals to Host a #haikuduel



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#haikuduel: sunday best

Sunday, November 22 from noon until 5:00 p.m.

Bowery Poetry Club – 308 Bowery

Admission: $40 – $111

Destiny calling
for the Brave to Duel once more –
Arm Yourself and Ride.

The ancient Japanese art of haiku is paired with the gentlemanly tradition of the duel hosted by The Haiku Guys and Gals, a company of performance poets who create unique, interactive experiences for eventgoers by asking them a topic and instantly writing them their own unique haiku, on an antique typewriter. They have hosted four sold-out poetry performance dance party jams, and they’re teaming up with media sponsor Flavorpill for Sunday’s event, which will be an NCAA bracket-style improv tournament with 16 poets battling for haiku supremacy and a $250 cash prize. The audience generates each dueling pair’s haiku topic.

Gabriella Piazza and Akil Apollo Davis will serve as Emcees while The Coco Bros will DJ between short bouts of haiku performance. Enjoy champagne and Ty-Ku sake bloody marys and eat delicious brunch foods (all food and drink included).

Space is limited, so purchase your tickets now by clicking here.

One thought on “The Haiku Guys and Gals to Host a #haikuduel

  1. Lol this has nothing to do with Japanese culture; it’s a bunch of white people having a cultural appropriation event disguised as poetry enthusiasm. “Ty-Ku sake bloody marys” ? wow like that just screams ignorant Whites and cultural violence. I just found this website today – but I’m seeing that this website is clearly not intended for the Japanese community in NYC as I initially assumed, it’s for the weaboo community in NYC ざけんじゃねぇよ thanks for nothing