The JapanCulture•NYC Holiday Gift Guide – Part I

As we all have experienced, 2020 has been a very different year. Due to that we thought we would approach our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide differently, also: Instead of posting one guide, we have decided to post several ideas throughout the next month. Every year we focus on local, Japanese small businesses, and that has never been more important now!

Today we bring you our first idea, but before we get to that, we wanted to say that if you have or know of any of the following businesses or services, please reach out to us at because we’d love to include you!

We are looking for:

• local Japanese businesses that sell amazing giftables

• a Japanese restaurant that is selling gift cards or unique holiday experiences

• someone who offers a service that would make a nice gift, such as Japanese lessons

• anything else Japan-related in the NYC area that would make a great gift this holiday season

With that, we bring you our first suggestion and hope that we are able to inspire you to support a local Japanese business (or a few!) over the next month as you do your holiday shopping.

Holiday Gift Idea #1:

Brooklyn Kura x Tadaima Holiday Gift Box

Price: $65

Pick up dates: Friday, November 20 and Friday, December 11

Location: Brooklyn Kura – 68 34th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232 (located at Industry City, Courtyard 5/6)

Photo from @brooklynkura on Instagram

Two Brooklyn-based businesses have collaborated to offer an amazing gift set! Brooklyn’s first sake brewery, Brooklyn Kura, and Tadaima, a purveyor of delicious baked treats, team up to bring you a sake and baked goods set that makes the perfect gift. Who doesn’t like sake and cookies?

What’s in it?

• Homemade Japanese Sake Granola | Delicious homemade granola is lovingly made in small batches with rolled oats, rice oil, sake-kasu, namazake (Number Fourteen – Junmai Ginjo), shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, almonds, pecans, organic brown sugar, dried goji berry, dried fig, and sea salt.

• Sake-kasu Rice Cookies | French-style buttery cookie is made with unsalted butter, rice flour, powder sugar, sea salt, and sake kasu and is bite-sized for a delicate yet flavorful experience.

• Number Fourteen (375ML) – Junmai Ginjo Namazake

• Blue Door (375ML) – Junmai Namazake

Don’t snooze on this incredible Brooklyn collaboration, as there are only two days that this is available for pick up. The first one is this Friday, November 20 and then again on Friday, December 11. Please place your orders by clicking here.

Sake Subscription

In addition to this gift set, we also recommend giving the gift of a Brooklyn Kura membership, Kura Kin. It comes in three options: $65 for a one month, $100 for three months, and $200 for a six-month membership. For full details on each membership, please check here.

Photo from @brooklynkura on Instagram

More Sweets

And if you are interested in Tadaima’s baked treats, they happen to have a pop-up event this coming weekend! This Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, November 22, Tadaima will be selling a variety of baked goods at Mizutama Studio located in Industry City at 67 35th Street, Brooklyn 11232. Mizutama Studio is in Building 5 on the second floor at the Makers Guild. Check out @miztamastudio‘s Instagram for a menu of this weekend’s pop up.

Photo from @miztamastudio on Instagram