The Japanese Grocery Experience at Mitsuwa in New Jersey

New York City is blessed with several Japanese grocery stores, but every once in a while it’s nice to hop in a Zipcar and head to Edgewater, New Jersey, the home of Mitsuwa.

Aisles bursting with a variety of fresh produce, fish, and meat, Mitsuwa is a Japanese food lover’s dream. Regardless of what you want to cook, you can find every ingredient imaginable to help you prepare any dish in Japan’s vast culinary spectrum.

rice, Japanese grocery, Mitsuwa
Rice of every brand imaginable at Mitsuwa
Mitsuwa, Japanese grocery stores
Amazing fish at Mitsuwa
Mitsuwa, Japanese grocery
More amazing fish at Mitsuwa

Mitsuwa even carries unique appliances and utensils from fish grills to bento boxes. You can have a completely Japanese meal from start to finish.

The food court has restaurants that serve popular Japanese dishes. If you’re in the mood for udon or tonkatsu, you can have lunch before you shop. Mitsuwa is the centerpiece of a complex of Japanese stores, including Sanseido, a bookstore; and Utsuwa-no-yakata, a gift shop.

The store is celebrating its 40th anniversary with several sales that last through Sunday, February 26.

Japanese grocery, Mitsuwa
Mitsuwa's sale ends February 26
Mitsuwa, Japanese grocery
Restaurants in Mitsuwa's food court

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595 River Road
Edgewater, NJ

For info about the shuttle bus from Port Authority:[/callout]








Mitsuwa, Japanese grocery
Shuttle bus info


Of course, if you don’t feel like going to New Jersey for your grocery shopping, there are plenty of choices in the city.

[callout title=Manhattan Japanese Grocery Stores]

Sunrise Mart
29 Third Avenue
494 Broome Street
12 E. 41st Street

224 E. 59th Street

129 E. 47th Street

Jas Mart
35 St. Mark’s Place

Yagura Japanese Market
24 E. 41st Street[/callout]













What is your favorite Japanese grocery store?