The Mount Sinai Japanese Medical Practice Rolls Out Telehealth Services

We are living in uncertain times with COVID-19 reaching pandemic proportions. I hope that you are all staying healthy and safe during this crisis.

Many people within New York’s Japanese community may feel extra anxiety because they wish to discuss symptoms of coronavirus or have a medical consultation in their native language without leaving the security of their homes.

Mount Sinai Doctors Japanese Medical Practice, a clinic that has served expatriates of Japanese companies and their families since 1991, recently announced that they are offering telehealth services. If the consultation is related to Covid-19 symptoms, the patient does not have to pay a copay and can be located anywhere in the US.

The message below in English and Japanese is from Mount Sinai Doctors Japanese Medical Practice and posted here with permission.

Many thanks to all healthcare workers who continue to provide critical care to those in need during this most difficult situation.


Message from the Mount Sinai Japanese Medical Practice (JMP)

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation with the worldwide spread of COVID-19.
Due to shelter-at-home mandates in most states, people must stay at home and work from home. Children must also be home, as most schools are now physically closed with online learning.

Many doctors’ offices have needed to adapt its practices dramatically for the safety of its patients as well as its staff. Currently, most offices can only see emergency cases and they cannot allow patients with common symptoms such as fever, cough, and upper respiratory symptoms to come in for an evaluation due to the risk of infection with coronavirus, as community outbreak is common. In addition, most doctors’ offices must ask healthy patients to postpone their appointments—annual check ups, well child checks—due to the risk that such healthy patients may be exposing themselves to infections.

The Mount Sinai Japanese Medical Practice (JMP), located in New York City and in Hartsdale, NY, was established more than 30 years ago and has been a leader in providing bilingual primary care for many years. The JMP has offered cutting-edge, guideline-based primary care to the large Japanese community in the tri-state area. The physicians and staff are bilingual, and the practice accepts most major insurances.

In order to combat the recent coronavirus pandemic, the Mount Sinai JMP has spearheaded TeleHealth for the Japanese community, offering the highest quality video visits with Japanese-speaking, bilingual internists and a pediatrician.

The video health concept allows patients to:

1. Have a face-to-face consultation with an experienced Japanese-speaking doctor regarding concerns and questions pertaining to the coronavirus.
2. Get advice regarding the need for hospitalization and testing for COVID-19 as deemed necessary by the physician.
3. Get a video visit for symptoms of fever and cough with comprehensive advice on how to manage the symptoms at home safely.
4. Obtain mental health consultations, as there is much anxiety and depression amongst patients who must socially isolate and quarantine themselves.
5. Obtain non-COVID-19 consultations, which pertain to general health for those who are reluctant to come to a doctor’s office due to infection risks.

At this extremely difficult time, the Mount Sinai JMP feels empowered be able to offer this vital service to the Japanese community, not only in the tri-state area but in any location, as long as the patient has WiFi access and the ability to download a MyChart app on their smart phone and to establish a MyChart with our practice.

Contact Information:

JMP Manhattan office:  212-889-2119    8:00 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. (Monday through Friday)

JMP Hartsdale office:    914-997-1220    9:0 a.m. until 5:0 p.m. (Monday through Friday)

Please contact the appropriate office for further information on how to establish a MyChart for a video health visit. To download the app, please go to

JMP Staff:

Eitaro Doi
Director of Operations

Yuichiro Kuwama
JMP, Medical Director

Maki Kano-Lueckerath
Attending, Internal Medical and Pediatrics

Keiko Kimura
Attending, Internal Medicine

Rowena Rosales
Attending, Internal Medicine

Message in Japanese




今般、東京海上記念診療所 – Mount Sinai Doctors Japanese Medical Practice (JMP)では、今回のCOVID-19パンデミックへの対応を契機に、ビデオによる遠隔診療サービス「テレ・ヘルス」を開始しました。日本語を話すバイリンガルの内科医および小児科医によるビデオ診療を実現し、日本人コミュニティの医療ニーズにお応えします。「テレ・ヘルス」により、患者様には次のことが可能となります。

  1. コロナウイルスに関する懸念や質問について、経験豊富な日本語を話す医師と面談できます。
  2. 医師が必要と判断した場合、COVID-19の検査や入院の必要性についてアドバイスを得ることができます。
  3. 発熱や咳などの症状をビデオを通して診察することができます。また、これらの症状をご自宅で安全に管理するための幅広いアドバイスも提供いたします。
  4. 隔離を余儀なくされ不安を抱えられている患者様のメンタルヘルスのご相談も受けられます。
  5. 感染リスクのため来院を控えられている患者様に対し、COVID-19以外の一般的な健康問題についてのご相談も受けられます。


マンハッタンオフィス:Tel. 212-889-2119 電話受付 8am~4:45pm(月~金)

ハーツデールオフィス:Tel. 914-997-1220 電話受付 9am~5pm(月~金)  ←東京海上記念診療所リンク  ←MyChartアプリダウンロード・使用方法ビデオリンク




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院長・医師 桑間 雄一郎

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