The Nippon Experiment Presents a Skateboard Art Showcase

The Nippon Experiment – Art Showcase

Now through Saturday, November 13 from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Kaede Kimonos Sales and Rental – 224 W. 35th Street, Room 1406

Admission: Free

Check out this collective interpretation of Japan at Kaede Kimonos!

About The Nippon Experiment

The Nippon Experiment (TNE) is a series of art exhibits that illustrate the influence of Japanese culture on artists worldwide. The series aims to showcase the individual artists’ work on various canvases with one unifying theme: Japan!

Episode 1 – SKATE

TNE’s goal is to present artwork from various creators in a series of canvases that step a bit outside the box. Organizers will select a medium for each episode of the series. Each artist will use the canvas of that specific showcase to implement their creation. The manner of implementation, medium, and display is left up to the individual creators to decide.

TNE’s Art Showcase begins with the humble skateboard deck, and in future showcases the focus will be on items such as street signs, weathered wood, and visual projections.

About Kaede Kimonos

Kaede Kimonos is a unique fashion consultancy and cultural event sponsor based in the heart of Midtown NYC. Founded in 2012 as Kaede NYC, Kaede Kimonos specializes in traditional Japanese clothing. They have a full team that provides support from your first consultation to the final touches on your look or event.

Kaede offers a range of services, namely kimono rentals and dressing for any occasion. They also have kimono dressing classes and workshops where they teach you how to dress in kimono the traditional way and then how to modernize the look for everyday usage in a respectful manner.

If you need a kimono photoshoot, Kaede can assist you with that as well. Their team consists of trained and licensed kimono dressers, professional hair and makeup artists and some of the best photographers in NYC. They also provide on- and off-set consultation for media productions and have a small retail showroom where you can purchase authentic new and vintage kimono and accessories. For more information, please visit their website.