This Could Save Your Life: Creative Design and Disaster Preparedness



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Participants at disaster preparedness workshop in Indonesia. © +Arts

This Could Save Your Life: Creative Design and Disaster Preparedness

Thursday February 23 from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

Parsons School of Design, Starr Foundation Hall, University Center – 63 5th Avenue (between 13th and 14th Streets)

Admission: Free

Japan is rife with natural disasters – earthquakes, tsunami, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and floods. As a result, the country is a leader in disaster preparedness. At this event, which is co-organized by the Japan Foundation and the School of Constructed Environments (SCE) at The New School’s Parsons School of Design, Hirokazu Nagata will discuss the work that he has done to use thoughtful and creative design to build awareness and prepare communities for disasters.

Nagata is the President of +arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to disaster preparedness education through creative design. He will an introduce his broad body of work, which includes collaborations with companies such as MUJI and AIG, preparing families through games and camps, pocket manuals for employees, and innovative emergency shelters, as well as his work with the traveling Earth Manual Project Exhibition, which is currently traveling in Thailand and is set to come to the U.S. in 2018 through a partnership with the Japan Foundation and Parsons School of Design.

This talk is part of an ongoing collaboration with the Parsons School of Design to bring the Earth Manual Project Exhibition to the US, including a component to localize its content. The talk will be in Japanese with consecutive English translation.

A native of Hyogo Prefecture, Hirokazu Nagata finished graduate school at Osaka University before he joined Takenaka Corporation, one of the largest architecture/construction companies in Japan, in 1993. He left Takenaka in 2001 and founded iop City Culture Creation Research Institute, a design and production company that is engaged in three fields: Community development, architecture, and art. In 2005, to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Kobe City commissioned a project with Nagata to educate and reach out to communities about disaster awareness; this project is known as “Iza! Kaeru Caravan!” Soon after that, he established the NPO +Arts (Plus Arts) in 2006. He has also been the Vice Director of the Design Creative Center Kobe (KIITO) since August 2012.

Working with organizations like the Japan Foundation, JICA, and Kobe City, Nagata has expanded his reach beyond Japan to include more than 20 countries all over the world, mainly in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A session, a mini panel with New School faculty members, and a reception. To register, please visit the Japan Foundation’s Eventbrite page.