Tokyo Otaku Mode Brings Art, Manga to New York Comic Con

Tokyo Otaku Mode began as a Facebook page that showcased the artwork of Japanese artists to the rest of the world. It wasn’t until their social networking platform reached a significant number of fans that Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) started their website. Now TOM represents 600 artists from around the world, promoting their portfolios and selling their works, which highlight otaku culture.

TOM’s Facebook page now has more than 13 million “Likes,” and the website also serves as an online store, selling a wide range of goods from paintings to books to action figures and inviting everyone to enjoy the otaku life.

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The Tokyo Otaku Mode and MangaPolo booth at NYCC

MangaPolo is a YouTube channel through which users can watch a manga one chapter at a time in video format. The chapters are in English so that the maximum number of fans around the world can appreciate each manga.

JapanCulture•NYC caught up with Daiki Nakata of Tokyo Otaku Mode at New York Comic Con to discuss the company and how participating in conventions such as NYCC helps spread otaku culture and give exposure to TOM’s artists. Here’s the interview, which can also be found on our YouTube channel.

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