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Tokyo to New York Concert at Spectrum Part of Female Composers’ Festival

Tokyo to New York: Spectrum “Female Composers’ Festival”

Sunday, June 10 at 7:00 pm.

Spectrum – 70 Flushing Avenue, Garage A, Brooklyn (entrance between Cumberland and Carlton)

Admission: $15 (cash at the door)

Tokyo to New York is a one-hour concert featuring new music by New York- and Tokyo-based composers. This installment features prominent musician Thomas Piercy on clarinet and hichiriki teaming up with critically acclaimed classical pianist Taka Kigawa. Together they will perform pieces written by female composers.


  • Miyuki ITO – “Decalage” for solo clarinet (U.S. Premiere)
  • Miho SASAKI – “The Soul of Lights Freeze” for clarinet and piano
  • Kumiko TAKAHASHI – “Hyousou” for solo clarinet (World Premiere, clarinet version)
  • Karen TANAKA – “Techno Etudes” for solo piano
  • Tomoko UZAWA – “Original Sin of Fallen Angel” for hichiriki and piano
  • l’Artiste ordinaire [Melissa Grey & David Morneau] – “Biophonic Beats” for hichiriki, gated benjolin, trombone, and live processing (World Premiere)
  • Katherine HOOVER – “Ayres” for clarinet and piano
  • Qi LI – “An Autumn Dusk in the Mountains” (NY Premiere) for clarinet and piano
  • Nina SINIAKOVA – “Sensu” for clarinet and piano.

Tokyo to New York celebrates the connections between Tokyo and New York City with a series of concerts in Tokyo and New York. The concerts feature new works composed for Western classical instruments as well as traditional Japanese instruments. The musicians of “Tokyo to New York” have had the opportunity to work with the Japanese and American composers programmed in these concerts, and since 2012, Tokyo to New York has performed more than 100 world premieres and numerous Japan and U.S. Premieres. The New York Times selected Tokyo to New York concerts as a critics’ concert of the week; NYClassical Review wrote of a concert as a season highlight; and a review from Lucid Culture Magazine described a concert as “…a fascinatingly eclectic, virtuosic program of new chamber works.”

Spectrum has been one of New York City’s preeminent venues for innovative, experimental, and avant-garde music since 2012, giving special consideration to music that they feel is under-represented in the U.S.