Continental Shift – American Premiere for designer Tia Oguri

 Friday, December 3 through Monday, December 6 from 12:00pm to 6:00pm, daily

Globus Washitsu – 889 Broadway (between 19th and 20th Streets) Ring bell for PHC

Admission: Free

From Globus Washitsu Facebook

The Globus Family, as a next step in its Kimono Visionaries program, is holding its first post-pandemic exhibition, Continental Shift. This solo show will be the American premiere of the innovative designs of UBER DANDY KIMONO based in Oxford, England.

The founder of this Kimono establishment is Tia Oguri, born in South Africa and currently residing in the United Kingdom. She has been deeply inspired by Japanese design and Kimono since secondary school when she began collecting and selling antique Japanese textiles. As she arranges collections, Oguri combines elements from multiple ethnic sources, pursuing the notion that neither traditional patterns nor attire need be limited only to their region of origin. She is especially interested in how the Kimono form itself affects the demeanor of those who wear them. Its geometric structure also provides a canvas for the celebration of the garments’ textiles.

About the Exhibition

Several dozen Kimono ensembles will be presented in the serene tatami spaces of Globus Washitsu. Some will be styled on mannequins, others suspended on poles in the traditional Japanese manner that highlights the graphic power of the textiles.

Spree Kingyo, the Berlin-based curator of this show, says, “Since the 2020 pandemic lockdowns virtually brought cultural life worldwide to a standstill, we believe that this is a most timely exhibition and an appropriate celebration of the resilience and adaptability of culture. The work of Tia Oguri reflects the international appeal and the potential for endless variations of the Kimono form.”

Oguri states, “I have been exploring the possibilities of expanding the Kimono form beyond classical Nihon traditions by incorporating textiles from three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. I look forward to presenting my Kimono variations at this exhibition in New York.”

The NYC Coordinator for the show is Raymond Merrison Mongroo. Kaede Kimono of NYC will provide installation support.

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About the Team


Uber Dandy Kimono offers traditional Japanese Kimono with a hint of madness by Tia Oguri. As a brand known for boldness and color, Uber Dandy Kimono sources dramatic textiles from around the world. Most of the Kimono are designed to fit non-traditional western sizes. Tia Oguri is active as a photo and fashion stylist whose work has created an international sensation. She currently has two retail locations in Oxford, England.


Spree Kingyo, the Nihon name of costume historian Ann-Dorothee Schlüter, is dedicated to promoting Kimono culture in Europe and beyond. Known for her informative fashion shows, academic lectures, everyday Kitsuke consulting, and groundbreaking exhibitions, Spree is constantly active in spreading Kimono-love and understanding among Western cultures from her native Berlin.


Raymond Merrison Mongroo is the CEO of Kaede Kimono NYC – a fashion consultancy dealing with Japanese Kimonos in NYC. They sell and rent dress Kimono, style photo shoots, and hold events related to Japanese culture. https://www.kaedenyc.com/


Established by the Globus Family of Manhattan to promote and encourage the understanding of Kimono, Japan’s emblematic clothing, in the World’s Fashion Capital, New York City. Since 2014, Kimono Visionaries has presented more than two dozen events including exhibitions, runway shows, residencies, and live events.  https://www.facebook.com/Kimonovisionaries