UCHIKAKE (Wedding Kimono) Exhibition at Globus Washitsu



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UCHIKAKE (Wedding Kimono) Exhibition

Thursday, June 16 through Tuesday, June 21 from noon until 6:00 p.m.

Globus Washitsu – 889 Broadway (at 19th Street)

Admission: Free

Ten gorgeous Uchikake wedding overcoats from the collection of Masaki Sawada of Sendai will be on display as part of “Kimono Visionaries,” Globus Washitsu’s initiative that celebrates kimono arts in New York.

These garments are known for their hand embroidery and craftsmanship, it and typically takes six months for one man to create. Each kimono is known for themes of long life, Japanese history, and good fortune. Lavish amounts of gold and silver foil and threads are employed to give the Uchikake more of a sense of luminosity and glow.

Unfortunately, like many of the handcrafts of Japan, kimono making is a disappearing art, replaced by machine- and computer programing-design or worse, not worn at all. In curating this exhibition, Sawada, who specializes in vintage and antique kimono, brings these special uchikake to New York to help tell the story of kimono culture in Japan.