Witness a Kimono Rebellion at Globus Washitsu

Kimono Rebellion: Seijinshiki X Glam Rock

Friday, November 4 through Tuesday, November 8 from noon until 6:00 p.m.

Globus Washitsu – 889 Broadway at E. 19th Street, PHC

Admission:  Free

Globus Washitsu presents Kimono Rebellion: Seijinshiki X Glam Rock. Twenty kimono by the House of Miyabi will be featured for their international premiere. Curator Spree Kingyo from Berlin and chief designer Ikeda from Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, will be present.

House of Miyabi

Ever since James Dean and blue jeans, youth rebellion has been viewed as an integral part of adolescence. It has also functioned as a constant motor of innovation in fashion. On the other hand, Japan, a nation that for centuries has set great store by societal conformity, has been a bit of an exception here. Until recently, that is. Originating from Kitakyushu, a growing number of young men and women all over Japan opt for ever more fantastic and literally outrageous seijinshiki outfits to celebrate their coming of age.

House of Miyabi

Presenting an enticing visual cross between ancient Noh costumes and KISS stage outfits, Miyabi’s garments often dance across established gender boundaries as lightheartedly as David Bowie. Decorated with rhinestones, feathers, and even faux fur, but also foremost with traditional Japanese textile embellishments, these kimono, haori, and hakama help keep ancient textile arts alive and generate interest and income for traditional artisans while creating a dashing new kimono trend!

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