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Working from Home During COVID-19: A Different Type of Culture


JapanCulture•NYC mainly writes about Japanese culture in terms of events, food, drink, literature, music, and dance. In this COVID-19 era, I am working with Susan because we wanted to adapt the site to support and encourage her readers/followers who are working from home as well as struggling businesses as they navigate through this time.

Now we want to talk about different types of culture: corporate and work.

For many people now working from home, they have established a good routine that is both balanced and manageable. Of course, there are still a lot of people grappling with various issues, and I believe that many of those issues stem from overall issues inherent in their company.

Corporate culture will be magnified now, good or bad. If a company has an overall healthy culture to begin with, in many ways these challenging times will be easier to manage. If it had a problematic culture, it will be magnified now and make it harder while employees are working from home.

Starting next week, I will examine these different types of culture and offer insight into pitfalls and possible ways to overcome them.

With a background of ten years living in Japan and almost 20 years of experience working with remote teams worldwide, Yvonne Burton, president of Burton Consulting International, provides services including Technology Consulting, Business Communications courses, and Cross-Cultural Training to Japanese firms operating internationally and companies operating in the Japanese market. To learn more about Yvonne and her work, please visit burtonconsulting.biz.

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