Working from Home in the New Year (Still)

Yvonne Burton, Business Editor

Happy New Year to all our Readers and Followers!

2021 has started and most of us continue to work from home during COVID-19. When I wrote the series early at the start of the pandemic last year, we had no idea that we would still be on this course, but we are.

Most of you have incorporated a lot of the strategies we shared in the series into your daily work life and are now fully versed in balancing work and life in your home environment.

Over the course of these months, you have learned how to:

Organize a part of your home space into a conducive workspace

Utilize technology and communication to perform your daily work responsibilities and to create new opportunities for you and your companies

Lead meetings (virtual ones also) effectively and interactively

Develop a mindset that opens up possibilities instead of limiting them

If you are still experiencing challenges as we move into our 10th month of the pandemic, please revisit the articles for continued guidance on not only making the best of these challenging times but to get inspiration on how you can strive and even thrive under these conditions.

Here is the list of all the articles for reader review:

Working from Home During COVID-19: The Entire Series

  1. Tips and Tricks
  2. Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings
  3. Your Questions Answered
  4. Leading a Meeting
  5. Attending a Meeting
  6. Ineffective Meetings
  7. Quick Tips for Meeting Effectiveness
  8. Maintaining a Healthy Balance
  9. Establish a Routine
  10. Sharing My Routine
  11. A Different Type of Culture
  12. Corporate and Work Culture in Times of Crisis
  13. Corporate and Work Culture in Times of Crisis (Technology)
  14. Corporate and Work Culture in Times of Crisis (Communication)
  15. Small Business Success Story
  16. Why Mindset Matters

Since I wrote these articles, I have been busy working with clients on virtualizing their business offerings, best practices for using various technology tools (Zoom, MS Teams, Webex), and Business Communications training. A lot of companies have also adapted very well to this new virtual work culture. There will be lots to write about going forward. Stay tuned!

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